The 2011 Young Professionals Workshop on Social Housing

Theme: “Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in Community Planning and Development”


(Provisional Agenda as of 25 August 2011)

Day 1: October 19, 2011 Wednesday – Lecture Sessions on Social Housing

Venue: Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority/BSWM, Quezon City

Keynote Lecture: Sustainable Settlements Development in the time of Climate Change

Session A: Social Housing Overview


1. Understand the national poverty and housing situation and institutional mechanisms in social housing delivery;

2. Know the standards and technical requirements for social housing provision and design;

3. Be familiar with the different stakeholders (government, private sector, NGOs, POs) in the social housing sector

Lecture Topics:

• Social Housing in the Philippines (National Situationer)

• Standards for Social Housing Provision and Design

Session B: Tools and Approaches to Social Housing


1. Understand the different methodologies and practices in effective community and housing development for the poor;

2. Be familiar with alternative building materials that can be employed for social housing;

3. Assess the appropriateness for poor communities of various examples of sustainable shelter designs

Lecture Topics:

• Sustainable Concepts in  Shelter Design and Development for Social Housing

• Participatory Community Planning and Design

• Alternative Building Materials and Technologies for Social Housing

Session C: Profile of the Community Immersion Areas


1. Know the physical and socio-economic situation of the areas to be visited/stayed-in for community immersion activities;

2. Identify the potential roles of young design professionals in addressing their shelter needs;

3. Be physically and emotionally prepared for living in the communities for two days and two nights


• Masagana community in Tanza, Navotas

• 2 ACCA-assisted communities in Tangos, Navotas

• KAMI and Pinadama-Ca communities in Talayan, Quezon City

• KV1 Phase 1D community in Rodriguez, Rizal

Day 2: October 20, 2011 Thursday – Lecture Sessions on Disaster Risk Reduction

Venue: Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority/BSWM, Quezon City

Session D: Preparing Communities for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction


1. Create awareness of key concepts in community-based disaster risk reduction management

2. Understand the legal basis for mainstreaming CCA and DRR in housing and urban development processes

3. Know the role of the different stakeholders (government, private sector, and community) in the creation of safe and disaster-resilient communities

Lecture Topics:

• Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

• The Philippine Laws on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

• Land Use Planning for Disaster Risk Management

Session E: Understanding Hazards in Greater Metro Manila


1. Know the geological and hydro-meteorological hazards in Greater Metro Manila (including nearby province of Rizal) critical for planning at-risk communities

2. Comprehend the scientific and historical perspective in the discussion of disaster risk reduction for Greater Metro Manila

Lecture Topics:

• Geological Hazards in Metro Manila and Rizal

• Hydro-Meteorological Hazards in Metro Manila and Rizal

• Flooding and Flood Mitigation in Metro Manila

Session F: Disaster Risk Reduction in Urban Poor Communities


1. Learn from the experience of urban poor communities working towards disaster resilience

2. Build awareness of technical design principles and strategies as a DRR measure for low-cost house construction

Lecture Topics:

• Community Perspectives on Disaster Risk Reduction

• Disaster-Resilient Design Principles for Low-Cost Housing

Session G: Orientation and Preparations for the Community Immersion Activities

Day 3: October 21, 2011 Friday – Field visit to social housing sites and community immersion areas (stay-in with host families)

Field Visit Sites:

• SHEC Housing Project, Malibay, Pasay City

• VASRA Housing Project, Quezon City

• GK Baseco Housing Project, Manila

• Bgy. Holy Spirit Ecology Center, Quezon City

Day 4: October 22, 2011 Saturday – Community Workshop in Immersion Areas (stay-in with host families)

Day 5: October 23, 2011 Sunday – Consolidation of Community Workshop outputs (stay-in with host families)

Day 6: October 24, 2011 Monday – Plenary Presentations of Community Workshop Results

Venue: Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority/BSWM, Quezon City

Day 7: October 25, 2011 Tuesday – Evaluation and Closing Activities

Venue: Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority/BSWM, Quezon City

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