Application for 2017 YP Workshop on Social Housing is Now Open!

Application forms for the 2017 YP Workshop on Social Housing is now available for download. Please click here to get the application form. Application period is from March 20 to April 12, 2017. The tentative schedule of the 2017 YP Workshop on Social Housing is on May 24 to 29, 2017. Please read the information below to know more about the 2017 YP Workshop on Social Housing. You can also download the briefing paper here.

What is the YP Workshop on Social Housing?

Group photo of the participants of the 2017 YP Workshop on Social Housing

Group photo of the participants of the 2017 YP Workshop on Social Housing

The Young Professionals (YP) Workshop on Social Housing is a capability-building program of TAO-Pilipinas, Inc. that orients technical design professionals on social housing and cross-cutting issues in human settlements development especially among the poor. Through this program, young architects, engineers and planners are trained to be more socially aware of the shelter conditions of the underserved sectors. The workshop activities serve as a venue for learning and practice, as it gives the opportunity for participants to directly engage and provide technical assistance to poor communities with shelter needs.

TAO-Pilipinas collaborates with its partner organizations, including government, non-government and people’s organizations, to conduct training activities that fosters direct interaction between technical professionals and communities in need.

What is the thematic focus for the 2017 YP Workshop?

Since 2005, TAO-Pilipinas has already conducted several workshops in Metro Manila (2005, 2009 and 2011), Infanta in Quezon Province (2006), Legazpi City in Albay Province (2008), Rodriguez in Rizal Province (2011) and in Cagayan de Oro City (2016). Each workshop has a thematic focus, covering pressing issues related to social housing, community development and sustainable human settlements in general.

The theme for the 2017 YP Workshop on Social Housing is “Planning for climate and disaster-resilient urban poor communities”. The workshop theme looks at the intersections and links between social housing and climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Furthermore, it puts a focus on shelter issues within an urban context. The workshop will seek to find ways, mainly through community action planning, for communities to initiate solutions that address their climate and disaster risks.

What are the workshop’s expected outcomes and methodology?

YP Team in KV during their community immersion for the 2011 YP Workshop on Social Housing

The YP KV Team during their community immersion for the 2011 YP Workshop on Social Housing

The expected outcomes of the YP Workshop on Social Housing are the following:

  1. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the needs and issues affecting urban poor communities as they relate to social housing;
  2. Design professionals and students are given a venue to tackle climate and disaster risks in an urban context with social housing stakeholders; and
  3. Participants’ involvement in community development work, especially the technical professionals, is initiated through exposure and immersion in urban poor communities.

The YP Workshop will be conducted in a course of 6 days and shall combine two levels of training – theory and practicum. The program of activities will be divided into two parts. Part I will be a series of lecture/orientation sessions for 2 days; part II will have the community immersion activities for 3 days, with a final day for plenary presentations of outputs.

Who are the target participants of the workshop?

The main target participants of the workshop are the local design professionals – young university faculty members, senior students, and new graduates – and undergraduate students in the technical fields of architecture, engineering and planning. These young professionals and students will be joined by select community representatives who will also fully undergo the 6-day training.

The optimum number of participants is 40 persons. Participation shall be a mix of the following:

  • Young professionals and students (up to 25 pax)
  • Community leaders or members of the immersion areas (2-3 pax per community)
  • Community organizers/mobilizers (2 pax per community)

TAO-Pilipinas shall open a call for applications for young professionals in local universities. Applications will be screened and shortlisted applicants interviewed. The criteria for the selection of YP participants shall include (1) willingness to work with urban poor communities; (2) strong inclination to go into community development work; (3) openness to learn and practice participatory planning approaches in housing; and (4) consciousness about social housing issues.

The YP Tanza Team during the 2009 YP Workshop on Social Housing

The YP Tanza Team during the community immersion for the 2009 YP Workshop on Social Housing

Where will community immersion activities be conducted?

Immersion sites will be selected by TAO-Pilipinas in coordination with its area partners, as fieldwork areas of YP Workshop participants. A technical needs assessment will be conducted as preparatory work to establish an initial profile of the community, especially its security of tenure and housing situation.

The selection of community immersion sites is based on the following considerations:

  1. Community is organized and represented by a community association.
  2. Community may have not yet acquired land tenure but ownership of land is identified.
  3. Community association ensures that YP workshop participants can safely conduct their immersion activities.
  4. Community association can mobilize thirty household-members to attend a community consultation-workshop.
  5. Ocular inspection of the site has been done.

 When will the 2017 YP Workshop be held?

The 6-day workshop is tentatively scheduled to be held on May 24 to 29, 2017.

To know what it’s like joining the YP Workshop, read the experiences of past YP Workshop Alumni in a compilation of YP Reflections from previous issues of our YP ENewsletter.

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