Give something back to the community. Be a YP volunteer!

The Young Professionals Program mobilizes volunteers for TAO-assisted projects (mostly self-help community projects) where volunteer work contributes to reducing the community’s expenses on technical professional services. At the same time, volunteers’ integration helps carry out our advocacy of providing technical assistance to the underserved sectors. Volunteers’ involvement may range from short-term volunteer works to three- to six-months stints.

Here’s how you or your group can get involve:

The YP Internship Positions

The YP Orientation and Training Project (YP-OTP) selects interns or trainees to join the TAO teams working on community projects needing technical help. As YP interns, architecture/engineering/planning senior students or new graduates will work from a period of three to six months with stipend/allowance. The focus of the internship is community-based technical assistance and fieldwork activities. The internship positions require dedication, flexibility, dependability, and an openness to learn and practice alternative development approaches in housing.

For further details on the availability of the internship program, please contact Ge Matabang at (632)441-0998/(0915)3166822 or email the YP Program.

The YP Volunteer Groups

For organizations trying to find worthwhile projects they could spend their talents and energy on, TAO also works with architecture and engineering college-based student orgs. Orgs can provide mapping, and drafting/design support to TAO-assisted housing projects or they can help us make several of the training tools (such as posters, scaled models, mock-ups, etc.) on participatory subdivision planning, disaster-resilient housing, and community solid waste management. Another option for your org’s volunteer work is to host fundraisers for TAO communities.

To link up with TAO-YP and undertake group volunteer work, get in touch with Ge Matabang at (632)441-0998/(0915)3166822 or email the YP Program.

The YP Academic Partners

TAO also forges partnerships with academic institutions to involve architecture and engineering students in community-based projects as part of the school’s extension services to poor communities. TAO facilitates concrete technical assistance and fieldwork activities by students (such as structures mapping and research) which are integrated into their academic requirements for the semester.

To explore project partnerships with TAO-YP, email the YP Program or call Ge Matabang at (632)441-0998/(0915)3166822