About YP-OTP


The Young Professionals Orientation and Training Program or YP-OTP is the key project of TAO-Pilipinas’ YP Program. Orienting future architects, engineers, and planners to the social realities of human settlement issues especially among the poor is an essential first step to creating more livable and just environments. In collaboration with partner NGOs and people’s organization (POs), activities that highlight direct community-professional interaction are conducted. YP-OTP has two stages of implementation:

Stage 1: General Orientation Workshop on Social Housing. This stage involves a series of lectures and discussions focusing on the social, political and economic issues affecting shelter provision for the poor. Workshop participants are given an overview of prevailing local and regional housing approaches as well as emerging alternative practices in social housing and community development. Exposure visits to select housing sites and stay-in immersion in urban poor communities form part of a training methodology that gives emphasis on experiential learning. This process is open to all interested and curious young professionals and senior university students. Community leaders and representatives are also actively involved in the workshop activities.

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Stage 2: Community Integration Process. This stage involves the selection of trainees/interns to undergo a six-month internship in selected communities with concrete needs for technical assistance. Interns are tasked to assist TAO project teams in field work activities and in the production of technical outputs such as community development plans. The internship positions require dedication and dependability. Throughout their 6-months commitment, interns are expected to explore the relationship between technical assistance and community development.

Through the twin-stage processes of general orientation and community integration, it is hoped that the YP-OTP fellows shall be able to sustain efforts that focus their talents and energy to the needs of those traditionally underserved. Whether they will eventually work as an individual professional or through an NGO or with government, the ultimate target of the project is for these oriented and committed young professionals to continue working with urban poor communities through similar technical assistance initiatives started in YP-OTP.

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